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State School Board District 11 Debate

0:00-5:52, Opening Statements
5:53-8:16, Candidates' Experience and Qualifications
8:16-11:39, Budgets and Accountability
11:39-15:00, Teacher Licensing
15:00-18:00, Who should be the primary driver of education policy?
18:00-22:30, How should we approach state testing and accountability?
22:30-26:40, How would you work to modernize public education?
26:40-30:30, How would you work to attract and retain quality teachers?
Audience Questions:
30:30-31:40, How do you define the "natural family"? Would children from LGBTQ families count as your constituency?
31:40-33:30, How much time would you spend in schools?
33:30-34:40, What kind of working relationship are you committed to developing with local school boards?
34:40-37:30, What do you think about comprehensive sex education?
37:30-42:00, How would you approach anti-racist curriculum?
42:00-44:30, How do you lower class sizes?
44:30-46:55, What role should schools play in early childhood education?
46:55-end, Closing Statements

Who is Tony Zani?

Please watch and share. In this video, I explain why I'm running, my platform, and my qualifications.

An Independent Candidate

I'm running as an independent so I can focus on making the best decisions for ALL of Utah's families.  I want families and educators to work together. I just don't see what being a Republican, Democrat, or anything else has to do with it.  This is the state school board, we need board members who represent us and who understand educational policy.

Reading Together: Make it a Family Tradition 

There is no better way to build your child's vocabulary and knowledge of the world.  Read to your child.  Read with your child. Listen to your child read.  Even a few minutes a day makes a big difference.  Any age.  Birth to old age.

What Can Mr. Rogers Teach Us?

I was inspired to reflect on one of my heroes. Mr. Rogers taught us to be kind, respectful, and thoughtful.  That's the kind of teacher I strive to be.  That's the kind of school board member I plan to be.

Face Coverings

They work.  They are our best course of action for keeping schools open.   They are our best option for keeping the economy running.

Common Core

What is Common Core?  Love it or leave it?

Utah's Teachers: True Professionals

As Utah's teachers prepared to teach during a pandemic, their hard work and dedication was on display.

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