Proud Veteran

Tony served in the United States Army for ten years.  For seven years, he was a forward observer for field artillery.  He finished his career as a hand grenade instructor for officers headed to combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Tony's unit was deployed after 9/11 when his son was only 3 months old.  Tony's wife had the toughest job of all, taking care of a newborn and everything that comes along with a deployed husband.

Tony was fortunate to serve with amazing men and women.  He saw bravery, leadership, selfless service, and dedication from every soldier.  The army creates professional soldiers and professional leaders; Tony is very proud of his Army service.

The Army taught Tony to be dedicated and strong.  He learned to lead by example.  Toy learned when to listen and think and when to make a decision and act. 

The Zani's son, who was so little when Mr. Zani was deployed, is now preparing to graduate from high school.  The Zani family is hopeful he will take a few years to serve in the military.

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