Proud Father

A Parent's Perspective

The Zanis have one son who attends Herriman High School.  Their son started kindergarten in Jordan School District and in 2021 he will graduate from Jordan School District!

As a father, Mr. Zani has seen the ups and downs of Utah's school system.  Caring and hard-working teachers are the best part of our school system.  Teachers are THE critical element to student success.  Mr. and Mrs. Zani have seen how their son responds to, and learns from, teachers that care about his success.  Tony wants to maximize the resources that go to our classrooms and teachers.  It's in the classroom where the learning happens; this is where we should focus our resources.

Mr. Zani is an advocate of less administration, less overhead, and less money spent on testing.  Tony will focus on policies and spending that prioritize students and teachers.  Tony will advance policies that keep our students safe AND clear the way for teachers to focus on teaching

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