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The Zanis are an outdoor-loving family!  In the summers they love to camp in Utah's beautiful mountains.


Hiking in red rock country!  That's a younger, less-bearded Tony with his son and father-in-law.

Fun Fact: Tony was his son's second grade teacher, about the time this photo was taken!


On hot summer days, The Zani family heads up to Utah's wonderful mountain lakes. A cheap inflatable raft is a great way to relax.


Mr. Zani has an awesome job!  He gets to have fun while making sure a school full of children become great readers and writers! Tony is a Literacy Specialist and he gets to work with every student, teacher, and administrator to improve literacy outcomes for students.


This is where I work everyday.  This is my classroom. I try to make it open and inviting.  A classroom should reflect the personality of the teacher and feel a little like home.  At the same time, a classroom should feel like a place where important work happens (because important work DOES happen here).


The Zanis have two pups. The small one is an 8 year old Chiweenie named Chewy.  The big, cute one is a1 year old Bassador named Rey. Both are rescues from CAWS.

They are great companions and they LOVE all of our camping trips!


In the winter the Zanis head up to the wonderful Wasatch mountains to ski and snowshoe.  

Fun Fact: Mr. Zani used to work as ski instructor to supplement his income.  Teaching sometimes requires teachers to work more than one job. 

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