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I am a National Board Certified Teacher with a Master’s Degree in School Administration.  I have been a teacher for 20 years and I currently work as a Literacy Specialist. 

Great Schools

Great teachers are the keystone of great schools.  Great teachers know their craft AND have the skills and experience needed to ensure every student succeeds.

Sadly, half of Utah's new teachers leave the profession in the first five years.

I’m a teacher, I know what it takes to attract and retain great teachers: 

  • more leadership opportunities

  • greater say in school, district, and state decisions

  • greater say in teacher training

  • more time to plan

  • more time to meet with families

  • smaller classes

  • competitive salaries

Public Servant

I’m an Army veteran.  I am committed to serving my country and my community; it’s how I’ve spent my life.  I’m proud of my military service.  I’m proud to serve my community as a teacher.

Utah’s families and educators, working together to create a great education system for Utah’s children.


Thank You for your Support!

I was humbled to receive 36,232 votes for the Utah State Board of Education. THANK YOU for each and every vote!  It wasn't enough to win, but it was by far the most votes of any unaffiliated candidate for any race in Utah in 2020.

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